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I've created the Panels, but I can't find these in SuperOffice?

When you create or update a Panel, your browser cache needs to be refreshed. This can be easily done by logging into your Panel account and clicking the green Refresh button.

Where can I find the Birthday panel in SuperOffice?

The birthday panel is created under the main SuperOffice panel which can be accessed by clicking in the upper left-hand corner. Besides the WWW panel you will see the 'Upcoming Birthday' panel.

I don't see any birthdays when I click on the birthday panel

Make sure you have selected a contact person selection in SuperOffice and that the birthdate is filled in on the contact person card. Only the upcoming birthdays of the next three months will be displayed.

How do i change the filter?

Your administrator has set the default filter. It is possible to change the filter on the fly while using the panels, just click the configure button in the Panel and select one or more filters.

How do i rename a panel or change the order?

Changing the name or order of Panels can be easily done in the account page of your Nebula Panels environment.
Click on the 'Manage Panel' button to make your changes to your panel.

Tip: To move the order of the Panels, go to your SuperOffice Admin settings, choose Lists, choose GUI-Web panel and use the little arrow buttons to change the order of the panels.

Note: After renaming or changing the order of the panel, you need to Refresh SuperOffice. Login into the Panels Administration page and click the 'Refresh' button to reflect the changes you have made.

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